Cold Pressed. Organic. Raw Juice.

Thrive Raw Juice combines the nutritional value of raw organic vegetables with the unrivaled benefit of cold-pressed juice...delivered straight to your door.  We work with local produce farms in Haymarket and the Piedmont Region to add 2-5 pounds of organic cold pressed juice in every bottle.  

The mission of Thrive Raw Juice is to provide cold pressed juice to the Northern Virginia region and beyond so we can begin building a community of people that can also achieve the benefits cold pressed juice provides. The idea of Thrive Raw Juice was born from Paula’s passion and desire to share the benefits of cold pressed juicing and the critical role it plays in leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Founded on her goal to educate, motivate and guide individuals to having a healthy mindset and way of living through optimal nutrition, Thrive Raw Juice has a goal of accomplishing our mission one juice at a time. 

Paula is personally involved in every step of the process to create each juice from choosing the produce from local farms and suppliers, overseeing quality control, to continuing to create new flavors for everyone to enjoy.  The journey toward optimal health begins with each small step. Thrive Raw Juice holds a promise help our community take the first step to thrive in their own individual journeys toward a healthy lifestyle.  

Paula received her most recent training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.