Savor Salvadoreño

Loudoun United FC and Frontier Kitchen welcome Savor Salvadoreño to the Loudoun United stadium experience. Savor Salvadoreño is an authentic Salvadoran food truck and catering business owned by Geo Silva and Alba Hernandez.

Co-founder Alba Hernandez has always been passionate about cooking which drove them to open their own business. They use special ingredients and recipes from the east region of El Salvador to make their dishes unique and flavorful. The food and culture has brought so much joy and togetherness to their family, it is their commitment to deliver that same experience to customers that drives them every day.

She has cooked authentic Salvadoran fare for decades, starting in her hometown in El Salvador where she ran and operated her own food spot. She brought that love for cooking and Salvadoran food to the States with her own authentic cuisine company. Alba loves sharing her culture and food with people in the area. Her knowledge and skill set of cooking authentic Salvadoran food brings people together, it brings happiness and nostalgia to many people in the area and that is why she loves doing what she does so much.

Alba and Geo say that it is their long term goal to open their own store front by the end of 2020. Their favorite part of owning their own business is that they have the ability to innovate. They love being able to listen to customer feedback and being able to make changes to their company to better serve the community.