Do you want to start a catering business?  Do you have excellent food?  Maybe you have always wanted a restaurant but shelling out $250,000 is a bit too much before you get started.  That is where we come in...we can help you structure and grow your company...and help you with the networks you need to start your restaurant as soon as you are ready.  

Your family and friends have been asking for and/or buying your homemade treats for years...and you are ready to turn a little money-making hobby into some serious cash.  You are ready to go for it.  
We have all the equipment you need--from big rack ovens to huge 60 quart mixers.  And we teach you how to use it all, so no need to be worried.  

Do you need bakery items in your cafe?  Tired of making desserts for your restaurant?  Our expert bakers are happy to be your pastry chef...and a fraction of the price.  

You have a great idea!  Something that no one else makes that will take the WORLD by storm!  We can help! Food products and new grocery items are a growing industry.  The demand for new snack items is one of the top selling areas in food, according to the Specialty Food Association.  If you have an idea that you are ready to bring to market, come and speak with us.  

Want new items for your store, cafe or restaurant?  Just ask for a tasting...

Do you have a food truck?  Do you want one?  We are here to help.  We have depot services available that include storage, parking, sanitation, cooking and prep.  Our Lorton site also has plug-ins available for your truck!  

Thinking about a food truck or food cart? Do you know we have one of each to lease? Contact us for more information..

Frontier Kitchen has the highest quality trucks on the market.  These are truly high quality restaurants on wheels.  

Meal prep is one of the hottest trends in the industry...because who has time to cook for themselves anyway?  Combining consistent meal prep with catering, like these companies below, makes for a winning business model.
Tired of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY NIGHT?  Contact us for a list of our most current companies.