Frontier Kitchen Announcement.png

Loudoun United FC announce Frontier Kitchen as the official Food and Beverage Manager of Loudoun United Stadium.

Frontier Kitchen will be managing all the food and beverage stands and food trucks at the stadium. The company is devoted to helping culinary entrepreneurs start up their own business by providing the facilities, supplies and expertise to help grow their company and brand. They offer two kitchen locations in Northern Virginia  to these growing companies and manage placement of food trucks around the area. “We are so excited to share these new chefs and their delicious food with the Loudoun United fans,”said Brenda Cromer, Frontier Kitchen’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The culinary aspect of a stadium is a key piece to the overall game day experience. When thinking about what that experience would be like for our new stadium our hope was to stay as local to Northern Virginia as possible.” Adam Behnke, Loudoun United FC Chief Operating Officer, said. “We believe it to be important to partner with local vendors so that our fans can truly experience the local community talent.  Fortunately, with Frontier Kitchen we are able to accomplish just that. Frontier Kitchen is the perfect partner to help us bring an incredible game day experience to our fans. We are excited to unveil the offerings as we lead into the August 9th Inaugural Match.”

Loudoun United FC aims to capture the talent of the local businesses and eateries while providing a platform for their fans to experience it first hand for an exciting and enjoyable game day experience.  By staying local and helping small businesses, Frontier Kitchen is the perfect partner to accomplish this common goal. Both Loudoun United FC and Frontier Kitchen can grow together and have a positive community impact. Local breweries, restaurants, and fan favorite food trucks will flood the stadium on game days in August 2019 when the stadium opens. Loudoun United FC will be announcing the vendors that will be located at the stadium in the upcoming weeks.