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Heart2Heart Catering

Loudoun United FC & Frontier Kitchen welcome Heart 2 Heart Catering to the 2019 Loudoun United Stadium cuisine experience. Mary Beth Franklin and Kara Anderson are the company owners that will be running operations for their game day set up.

Mary Beth and Kara started working together in 1997 at Woodbridge Little League Concessions as volunteers. They went their separate ways until crossing paths again 13 years later when Kara married Mary Beth’s son. Realizing their shared interest in cooking and entertaining while wanting to create a lifestyle suitable for spending time with their families, they decided to start Heart2Heart.

Heart2Heart is a catering company that started in 2011 in Northern Virginia. The two are proud to claim they are able to provide to events of all sizes from galas to luncheons. They started the company as a family owned, and hopefully family run company for the future as well. Kate and Mary Beth both share a common passion in serving their clients and caring about the service they are providing.

For their menu at the stadium they are serving different “comfort foods,” including the Hearty Mac which includes pulled BBQ pork over their signature mac and cheese. There will be other options as well such as pepperoni rolls, mozzarella rolls, salad and kids mac and cheese.