Business Classes

 So you have a great idea and you have always wanted to start your own business. Making your idea into a profitable company is everyone's dream...but did you know there is more science than art to it?

Maybe you are a professional chef or maybe you just have a recipe you know will take the industry by storm. Maybe your friends and family tell you how great your cooking is and how you should sell it.  

By now you have been researching and putting together your plan...and you are probably finding contradictory information.  "Buy a TRUCK!"  "DON'T buy a truck!"  "Build your own kitchen!"  "It's ILLEGAL to work out of your house!" “It’s NOT illegal to work out of your house”…There is a lot of untested and unwise advise on the where do you start?

Welcome to Frontier Kitchen Business Courses. We understand how busy you are. We have segmented our highly vetted information into short courses to give you just what you need and what you can absorb in small components.    

Frontier Kitchen members learning about design and marketing

Frontier Kitchen members learning about design and marketing

You will learn from experts in the field...people who have done this before you.  With over 35 years of experience in business and food, not only have we walked the walk with our own food companies (and other companies) we have experienced exactly how our members companies are succeeding (and not) in the current food environment.   

Even if you are still in "consideration" mode, our Starting a Food Business 101 is the information you need to determine if being a food business entrepreneur is for you. Are you ready to grow and need to hem up your strategy for the bank? Financial Projections 201 is the course you need. And there is so much more!

Not sure? We are happy to help you figure out what could be useful for you, please give us a call 7 days a week and speak with one of our staff members.