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5 Reasons to Start Your Company

Almost everyone dreams of being their own boss.  But less than 5% of people will ever really take that leap.  Here are 5 reasons that tell you when you should take that leap..

1. You feel awful at the end (or beginning) of everyday.  The cubicle grind is tough--terrible commutes, backstabbing coworkers and terrible bosses.  Being on your own means you are in complete control of your day providing levels of freedom that you can only imagine!

2. You are the hardest worker at your job but are unappreciated.  Starting your own company is the hardest work you will ever do.  

3. You want more for your family's future. Whether it is teaching the fundamentals of business to your kids or just taking control of your family's finances, starting your own company puts you in the drivers seat.  The car may be difficult push start it up hill, but once it gets moving--watch out!    

4. Your energy and knowledge are your best resource.  Here in the DC area, many of us work in government industry jobs.  You likely have a great looking resume and an unfulfilling, boring job.   Even if you have never cooked professionally, ALL of your previous skills matter when it comes to running a company.  

5. You are ready to learn and challenge yourself.  Owning your own company is a steep learning curve.  No matter how much you research, read and work with others, being in charge yourself and spending your own money is very, very different from anything you have done before.  Everyday brings new challenges and, if you are open and honest with yourself, will shape you into a new person.  Being the boss is as much about being a student as it is being a leader.