About ColMoni's Catering

Exquisite presentation and personalization, coupled with a taste that demands a return for more, is what you can expect from the talented team behind ColMoni's Catering. Friends who met as college roommates, Colette and Monica pursued their careers in accounting all the while separately exploring their interests in cooking, serving others, and creating meals, desserts, and recipes. In deciding to follow their passions more seriously it was only natural that the two would come together to create ColMoni's, a full service catering company.

It is not just the amazing taste of their creations that has led to their success. Colette and Monica have the ability to create  memorable experiences, connecting with their customers to deliver on a vision with great success, creating designer sweets and cakes that dazzle the eyes and taste buds alike, and accommodating busy lives with made-to-order meal services and a la carte requests. When asked what it is that they love about their work and what led to their success they answer, "We like to add new twists to old favorites.  We enjoy personalizing our food services and the customer response and satisfaction. It is also important to work with someone who loves this as much as you do. We are blessed to have been roommates who now work together; we are vey much in sync."

Colette and Monica go above and beyond for their customers ensuring the taste is perfect, the presentation is perfect. "We take pride in delivering personalized service. That is what is important."