106 Business Plan Overview


106 Business Plan Overview


A business plan is to you, a business owner, what a resume is to a job seeker.  Your business plan is your blueprint for your company.  The point of the business plan is to help you dig into the details of how to attain your dream and work through the inevitable contradictions in your strategy and ideas.  It also is the required document to show other business owners and potential partners the details of what you are building.  This class is an overview of how business plans are written, the topics you need to cover and what you are expected to demonstrate in each area to be taken seriously in your chosen field.  The purpose of this class is to provide an understanding of the work needed to do the business plan and go over the resources available to help you with each section of the plan.

Topics Include:

·         Describing your concept and vision

·         Describing your management team

·         Identifying your products, services and differentiator

·         Marketing Plan

·         Operational and Staffing Plan

·         Organizational plan

·         Startup Expenses and Capitalization

·         Financial Plan

·         How others will analyze your business plan

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