About Boso Kitchen

Led by Rosalie Essimi, Boso Kitchen offers delicious nuts and tasty soups to warm you up on these cool autumn days. Great taste and excellent quality are as important as good health. "Our products promote health, good nutrition. There are no preservatives. Everything is locally produced with care."

Care is exactly what led Rosalie to start Boso Kitchen. Preparing fresh nuts for family and sending her children back to college with hearty and satisfying soups. She recounts a call from her son, out to make a grocery store run, his roommate asked him to pick up some of that soup he'd had earlier that evening, it tasted so good. "I didn't get that from a store, I got that from my mom."

In a sense, Boso Kitchen is an extension of the care Rosalie has shown her loved ones along with being an opportunity for her to try something new. Working in this industry "you get to see the goodness of people. Being in this business has opened the door to new things, you meet new people you might have never met."