Rooted in Family History

Ada’s Kitchen on Wheels is rooted in a family history filled with over 250 years of home-style cuisine. Traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation embody our spirit and passion for family and cooking. Each mouth-watering bite of Ada’s cuisine promises to comfort the soul and have you yearning for more.

Made with Love

If you ask Ada Saylor what makes her food taste so good, you will hear her say with great pride, “Honey, it was made with love”.  At Ada’s Kitchen on Wheels we are dedicated to sharing the Saylor family secret of putting our heart and soul in each homemade bite.

Welcome to the Family

Think of Ada's Kitchen on Wheels as a one-stop shop to satisfy a sudden craving; quick and easy eating for those who are on-the-go; and to fulfill your catering needs of all sizes. We hope you enjoy our southern inspired dishes and welcome you as an extended part of the Saylor family.