About Little Sugars

"This is a love letter to my family" says Deb Cohen of Little Sugars. Deb has fond memories of baking with her sister Sue as children. "Once we got older, if our mom had errands to run she would let us stay home and bake cookies." Their Dad's favorite were chocolate chips or Chocolate Chippers as he called them. Deb and Sue grew up and pursued their own careers but never lost interest in baking. That interest eventually would lead them to create Little Sugars. 

The sisters made the decision to pursue the business, taking classes, learning new techniques. However, in the midst of their start up, they lost their father. They went through a very difficult time but made the decision to invest even more into their family. Deb and Sue moving forward with the business, their mom Phyllis lending a hand with the baking, and Deb's daughter designing the logo. 

Each hand cut, shortbread cookie is not just beautiful, with designs that you can customize for any occasion, they also taste fantastic! Additionally, the proceeds of each cookie sale go to a charitable organization. "I like to nurture and take care of people... No one ever gets upset when you offer them a cookie."

Bake. Love. Give.